Blog contributors

Contributors to this blog include:

Steve Peers (editor of the blog; Professor of EU Law & Human Rights Law, University of Essex)

Catherine Barnard (Professor of Law, Trinity College, University of Cambridge)

Jo Shaw (Professor of Law, University of Edinburgh) Twitter: @joshaw

Daniel Sarmiento (Professor of EU Law at the University Complutense de Madrid)

Tamara Hervey (Professor of Law and Head of Law School, University of Sheffield)

Henri Labayle (Professor of Law at the Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, guest Professor at the College of Europe and at the Global Institute of Geneva)

Elspeth Guild (Jean Monnet professor ad personam Radboud University, Nijmegen, Queen Mary University of London)

Dimitry Kochenov (Professor of EU Constitutional Law at the University of Groningen and Visiting Professor of Private Law at the Universita degli studi di Torino)

Laurent Pech (Jean Monnet Professor of EU Public Law, Head of the Law and Politics Department at Middlesex University London)

Marie-Laure Basilien-Gainche (Professor in Law, University Jean Moulin Lyon III; Member of the Institut Universitaire de France)

Alberto Alemanno (Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law & Risk Regulation, HEC Paris)

Daniel Thym (Chair of Public, European and International Law, University of Konstanz)

Lorna Woods (Professor of Law, University of Essex)

Douwe Korff (Professor of International Law)

Kees Groenendijk (Professor emeritus, Radboud University)

Frances Webber (barrister, journalist and lecturer; vice chair, Institute of Race Relations; co-editor of Macdonald's Immigration Law and Practice, 5th and 6th editions (2001, 2005) and of Halsbury's Laws: British Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Law(2002); Author of Borderline Justice: the fight for refugee and migrant rights (Pluto, 2012))

Simon McGarr (solicitor at McGarr solicitors)

Simon Cox (Migration Lawyer of the Open Society Justice Initiative)

Ton van den Brink (Associate Professor, University of Utrecht)

Jonathan Griffiths (Reader in Law, Queen Mary University)

Helena Wray (Reader in Law at Middlesex University and editor of Journal of Immigration Asylum and Nationality Law)

Angus MacCulloch (Lancaster University Law School)

Ronan McCrea (Senior Lecturer in Law, University College London; author of Religion and the Public Order of the European Union)

Dr Julian Lonbay (Senior Lecturer, Postgraduate Research Admissions Tutor, Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham)

Alina Tryfonidou (Associate Professor in EU Law, School of Law, University of Reading)

Maria Fletcher (Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow)

Dr. Elaine Fahey (Senior Lecturer, The City Law School, City University London)

Dr Matilde Ventrella (Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Wolverhampton)

Ioannis Glinavos (@iGlinavos) (Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster)

Alicia Hinarejos (Downing College, University of Cambridge), author of The Euro Area Crisis in Constitutional Perspective 

Tom Serby (Senior Lecturer in Law, Anglia Law School, Anglia Ruskin University)

Päivi Leino-Sandberg (Adjunct Professor of EU Law, Academy of Finland Research Fellow, University of Helsinki)

Dr. Charlotte O'Brien (Lecturer in Law, York Law School, University of York)

Diego Costa Arcarazo (Lecturer in Law, University of Bristol)

Andrés Delgado Casteleiro (Lecturer at Durham Law School)

Filippo Fontanelli (Lecturer in International Economic Law, University of Edinburgh)

Francesca Strumia (Lecturer in Law, University of Sheffield)

Mary Dobbs (Lecturer in Law, Queen’s University Belfast)

Chiara Berneri (lecturer, BPP Law School)

Marios Costa (lecturer, City University)

Anil Yilmaz (Lecturer in Law, University of Essex) 

Amedeo Arena (Assistant Professor of European Law - University of Naples "Federico II" School of Law)

Dr. Apolline J. C. Roger (Senior Teaching Fellow in EU environmental law, University of Edinburgh Law School)

Marcin Kotula (Legal Officer at the European Commission)

Alex Tinsley (Legal & Policy Officer (Head of EU Office) at Fair Trials, based in Brussels) Twitter: @AlexLouisT

Meijers Committee members: Michiel Luchtman, Jannemieke Ouwerkerk, Marloes van Noorloos, Pim Geelhoed, Jorrit Rijpma and Louis Middelkoop (

Emilio de Capitani (previously at the LIBE committee secretariat, European Parliament)

Debbie Sayers (

Chris Jones (researcher at Statewatch)

Izabella Majcher (Associate Researcher at Global Detention Project and PhD candidate in International Law at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies is Geneva)

Emanuela Matei (Associate Researcher at the Centre of European Legal Studies, Bucharest. Juris Master in European Business Law (Lund University, June 2012), Magister legum (Lund University, June 2010), BSc in Economics & Business Administration (Lund University, June 2009))

Géraldine Renaudière (trainee at the CJEU, within the cabinet of the Court Vice-President, Koen Lenaerts)

Anna Dannreuther (Trainee, Research Department of the CJEU)

Alejandra Victoria García Sánchez (Research and Documentation Department of the Court of Justice of the EU)

Dalila DELORENZI (FREE Group Trainee)

Claire Perinaud (FREE Group Trainee)

Dr Andrea Romano (Research assistant, “Sapienza” University of Rome)

Michael Randall (PhD student, University of Leeds)

Meltem Ineli-Ciger (PhD Candidate, University of Bristol Law School)

Luigi Lonardo (PhD candidate, King's College London)

Sabine Jacques (PhD student studying copyright and parody, University of Nottingham)

Lucia Brieskova (PhD candidate at Oxford Brookes University)

Yewa Holiday (PhD Candidate at Queen Mary, University of London researching Article 31 of the Refugee Convention and prosecutions of asylum seekers and refugees in the UK)

Katharina Ó Cathaoir (PhD Fellow, University of Copenhagen)

Georgios Milios (PhD student, Barcelona)

Nikos Tatulashvili (PhD student, Essex University)

Rachel Chambers (PhD candidate, University of Essex)

Jessica Lawrence (PhD student, VU University Amsterdam)

Christina Kosin (LL.M. Edinburgh; Ph.D. candidate and academic assistant at the German Police University)

Konstantinos Sidiropoulos (DPhil Candidate at University of Oxford – Prof Steve Weatherill;
Foundation for Education and European culture scholar)

Menelaos Markakis (DPhil student at University of Oxford, Academy of Athens scholar)

Zuzana Vikarska (Post-graduate research student, University of Oxford)

Juan Carlos Benito Sánchez (LL.M. Candidate at KU Leuven) Twitter @jcbensan

Connor Brown (LLB Law European and International, University of Sheffield)

Offers for contributions to the blog are welcome. Please see the separate page for details.

Nothing on this blog constitutes legal advice, and anyone involved in or considering legal action should consult with and consider hiring their own lawyer.


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