Using this blog with Barnard & Peers, European Union Law

This blog is intended for anyone with an interest in EU law, or aspects of it. However, it is designed to be particularly easy to use for students or lecturers using the European Union Law textbook edited by Barnard & Peers.

For updates and comments regarding the issues in a particular chapter of the book, simply use the 'Search this blog' box and search by chapter number. So, for instance, searching for 'chapter 3' in the box will result in finding all of the blog posts relating to the EU's political institutions.

The blog was launched in January 2014, whereas the textbook is up to date to about December 2013, so there is no significant gap if the two are used together.

There are also short updates referring to specific chapters of the book in the Oxford University Press Online Resource Centre.

Of course, there are also many interesting analyses of EU law issues in the other blogs which are listed in the 'EU Law Blogs' section.

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